Importancia de la privacidad y seguridad de la información en la empresa CDA de Sucre

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It is a well-known fact that, the modern world is immersed in the development and technological evolution, the implementation of information systems in companies, for the management of data referring to customers, suppliers, important documents, among others, is every day higher. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise greater control in terms of privacy and security of the same. It is currently one of the most important assets of organizations. In addition to this the law seeks that companies ensure security in the information they handle from their customers, an example could be the habeas data of 2019. Taking into account the aforementioned, the methodology of this monograph is defined as compilation, based on research and development in the knowledge acquired in the diploma course (information security and networks) and complemented by the collection of selected sources taken from the internet. In the first place, the title of research, IMPORTANCE OF THE PRIVACY AND SECURITY OF INFORMATION IN COMPANY CDA DE SUCRE, is required. In virtue of this, a work plan is implemented that, consequently, generates the theoretical bases to determine the current state of the company in relation to the subject. Likewise, the main objective is to implement a diagnosis in the information security models applied in the company CDA DE SUCRE, to know the current state of the protection of the data they handle.
Seguridad de la información, Privacidad de datos, Gestión de datos, Gestión de información, Sistemas de información